Report Changes

Over the last few weeks, our teachers have been involved in writing individual mid-year student reports that go home to parents on Friday 23rd June.

Teachers put in an enormous amount of effort to provide accurate and meaningful student reports.

They have continued to assess and evaluate student progress throughout the year in order to pro-vide parents with the most accurate account of student abilities.

There have been changes to the A-E rating scale that Dandenong North Primary School teachers are required to employ as part of the introduction of the Victorian Curriculum, replacing the former AusVELS, Australian Curriculum.

Each student’s report will continue to have an “A-E” rating scale to evaluate a child’s achievement against the statewide standards, not against other students in your child’s class.

With the implementation of the new Victorian Curriculum in order for students to achieve an “A” rating, they need to be performing 18 months above the expected achievement Standard.

A “B” rating now means that a student is working 6 to 12 months above the expected Achievement Standard. This means that some of our children, who were previously assessed as an “A” rating, may now be assessed as a “B”, even though they are still performing 12 months ahead of the expected Achievement Standard.

It is important to still note, that if your child achieves a “C” then they are per-forming at the expected achievement Standard.

Student reports contain all of the elements of previous years. There will still be a black dot demonstrating which level your child is currently working at and a written comment from the class teacher, stating your child’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Your child’s class teacher will be able to provide more information about the new “A-E” rating scale during parent teacher interviews.

English speaking parent teacher interviews will be held on Monday 26th June and parents requiring interpreters will be held on Tuesday 27th June.

We look forward to discussing your child’s progress during these times.