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The Prep classes this year are again using the Seesaw App in their classrooms. Seesaw is a great way to connect with your child's learning at school. When connected to your child's journal, you will be able to see some of the work that they are doing in class. You can connect multiple people to your child's journal so the whole family can share in your child's school journey. 


You will have received instructions from your child's teacher on how to connect to Seesaw. If you are having any problems, please see your classroom teacher for assistance. 

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Welcome to 2018!

The Preps have had a great start to school and have settled in well to life at Primary school. They are starting to participate in specialist classes such as; Art, Library and Sport (P.E). Inside the classroom the Preps are learning about their classroom routines and getting to know their teacher and fellow classmates. 

The Preps will be going full time from Monday 26th February. 


Each Prep child is now taking home their folder each night. Inside their folder is their reader, handwriting practise and sight words. Please take a few minutes to practise these every night- no more than 30 mins. It is best if the students develop a routine with their homework every night. At home, students may do their homework in little 10 mins blocks (10 mins handwriting, break, 10 mins reading, break, 10 mins sight  words) or depending on your own child, it may be easiest for them to complete their homework all in one go.


It is very important that the students go to bed early so they are well rested for their day at school. It is very hard for the students to learn when they are tired. We encourage all our families to set a routine for the students to follow daily to help them settle in.


If you ever have any concerns, please see your classroom teacher as soon as possible. If you would like to see us in the morning, please come at 8.45am, as we must begin teaching at 9am. If you would prefer to discuss issues after 3.15pm, please be aware, we must dismiss the class safely first before we are able to talk to you.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year!

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Agathi Orologas & Brianna Nish


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Term 1 Starts
Tuesday 30th January

Preps go full time- finish 3.15pm
Monday 26th February 

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