Term 4 2018

So far in Grade 3 this term we started our writing units with Procedures and our Talk for Writing model text was ‘How to Trap a Stone Giant,’ students were able to write their own procedure to capture their own mythical creature then innovated this text to write a procedure on any topic of their choice. In our poetry unit we looked at ‘The Magic Box’ and children were able to think of magical items to put in their own Magic Box, children studied the use if imagery and key poetic devices. In mathematics we will look at some final topics before children move into Grade 4, including fractions, function machines and shape just to name a few! We are starting a narrative unit next week and will look at the Text: ‘The Day the Crayon’s Quit.’ In Integrated Studies our unit has been ‘Melting Moments,’ children have been lucky enough to participate in many science experiments looking at change of state – melting and freezing and irreversible and reversible changes. Next week children will participate in a ‘Plastic Fantastic’ incursion run by Swinburne University. On the 26th of November swimming starts! What a busy term 4!

Term 3 2018

Excursion to NGV


On Wednesday 29th August, all Grade 3s went to the National Gallery of Victoria: Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square. This term, we are learning about The Dreaming so we went to admire Indigenous art and understand Aboriginal culture. We started off having our snacks at Federation Square while the seagulls gathered around us. Then, we went inside the gallery to appreciate art from the time of the First Fleet to now. The Colony: Frontier Wars exhibition was one of a kind, filled with amazing artwork from Indigenous artists. We sketched our favourite pieces and we wrote about how we felt when viewing the art. You could spend your whole life there because there were three levels of astonishing artwork. Afterwards, we all walked to Birrarung Marr to eat our lunches whilst sitting in the sun. Once we were finished eating, we went to the humungous playground and played with many other schools. It was a fantastic excursion!

By Rathin and Hajara from 3W


An exciting term awaits Grade 3! We have started the term with a poetry unit in Reading and Writing lessons, we have been studying ‘The Jabberwocky,’ by Lewis Carrol as a two week poetry unit. Children have been learning key vocabulary and then creating their own battle poem. Week 3 will see us moving on to learning about Greek Myths and focussing our writing on battle scenes, children will learn key adverbial phrases and verbs to sequence action. Our integrated studies unit this term is ‘The Dreaming,’ and we are studying Aboriginal Dreaming stories and key aspects about Aboriginal life and culture. During Mathematic lessons we have started focussing on multiplication arrays, moving on to vertical multiplication and worded problems, we will continue to cover a range of mathematical concepts this term. In Mathematics we are lucky enough to have a specialist maths teacher Mr Allen to deliver lessons to our children twice a week and Miss Sandra is back to take key intervention groups. A fantastic term of learning in Grade 3!


Term 2 2018


It is going to be a massive Term 2! These first four weeks we are busy preparing for the upcoming NAPLAN tests, the children are working hard and we are very proud of them. NAPLAN will occur in week 5 of this 11 week term from Tuesday the 15th of May, finishing on Thursday 17th May, we then cannot wait to have a celebration of all the children’s hard work on Friday 18th May.

Our theme this term is ‘Creatures Great and Small,’ this is a science unit focusing on the difference between living things, variations and features of plants and animals. We will also look at human impact on the environment and what ‘sustainability,’ means. It looks to be an exciting term ahead!


Term 1 2018

What an amazing start it has been so far in Grade 3 in 2018! Children have arrived back at school fresh from the holidays and excited to start their new learning.

We welcome one new staff member to Grade 3, Miss Farrar, who has come all the way from London, England to work with our children.
Throughout Term One, students will be studying and investigating our theme: ‘Discovering Australia,’ focussing on the First Fleet arriving on our shores and the impact this arrival had.
Some important events in Grade 3 this year to be aware of are the NAPLAN tests which will be held in May during Term Two.
Children will have taken home a Green Reading Journal this week, children are expected to be reading every night and record their reading in the journal. You will also have noticed children took home Homework books on Friday, Homework is given out on Friday’s and expected back the following Friday.
We are all looking forward to a fantastic and productive year in Grade 3!

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Term 4 Starts

Monday 8th Ocotober

Curriculum Day
Monday 5th November

Melbourne Cup Day
Tuesday 6th November

Year 3 Swimming
Monday 26th November - Friday 7th December

School Concert
Monday 17th December

Term 4 Ends

Friday 21st December