Welcome Back to Term 4

Welcome back to our 5 / 6 students and their families as we enter term 4. It is our fourth and final term together before the year 6s move onto high school. Coming up this term:

  • Science Incursion - Thursday 2nd November.
  • Swimming Program
  • School Concert – Monday 18th December
  • Graduation Festivities:

           - Certificate Ceremony: Tuesday 19th December;

           - Luncheon: Thursday 21st December


Term 4 promises to be a busy term for students, parents and teachers.  Term 4 will see students focus on Scientific Experiments and Explanations in their writing.  Lyn Watts will continue with her Professional Development with the 5 / 6 teachers.  Friday morning will see Science rotations from week 2 to week 4 across the 5 / 6 cohort.  In Mathematics, we will focus on angles, data collection and probability, whilst the swimming program is running we will be running an intensive program based on Money and Finance.  In SOSE we will be looking at the topic; Solids, Liquids and Gases and all of our weekly Friday experiments will be related to this topic area.

Term 4 will also see Graduation for the year 6s.  This will be wonderful opportunity for parents to join us to celebrate all the wonderful work and achievements which have taken place not only this year but also in their time at DNPS.  Details and dates to be released soon!

The DNPS swimming program will take place at the end of term 4. It will run every day for 2 weeks. We strongly encourage all students to attend the swimming program. Learning to swim is an important skill and it is easier to learn when the students are younger. The swimming classes cater for all levels- from students who have never swum before to students who take weekly lessons. For those who already undertake swimming lessons, they will have the opportunity to undertake assessment and will be placed in an appropriate class for their level.




Term 3  

Term 3 is always an enjoyable term for teachers and students as we have all well and truly settled in while still having a lot to look forward to for the year.



Students are always in awe of our inconceivable universe during our ‘Earth and the Solar System’ theme unit. As part of this unit, students will gaze at the night sky during the Starlab incursion. They will spend a session learning about the wonderment of our constellations in an inflatable dome. This will take place on Thursday August 31st.


Gala Day

The cold weather has not deterred our 5/6 athletes from their weekly gruelling training sessions for Gala Day 3. Students have the opportunity to try out for the following sports: Soccer 5’s, osh-rounders and kanga cricket. Gala Day 3 will take place on Friday 1st September.



During term three, students spend one hour a week taking part in the Footsteps movement program. This is part of the sport curriculum and works on advancing their coordination and fine motor skills, while developing their rhythm in a fun environment.  




Term 2  
The year 5 and 6 students have made an outstanding start to Term 2 and have been working hard to improve across all areas. We have some exciting things happening this term including a new theme, an excursion and Gala Day.
This term the year 5 and 6 students will be exploring the theme 'Restless Earth'. The students will be learning about natural disasters and how they affect the environment and communities around the world. Students will be researching natural disasters for a project as well as investigating them in the classroom. 
As part of our term 1 and 2 themes, we are lucky to be heading to the Melbourne Museum and Imax. The Year 6s will be attending on Tuesday the 23rd of May and the Year 5s will be attending on Thursday the 25th of May. Students will have the chance to experience the First People's exhibit to learn more about Australia's indigenous heritage, experience the films 'Galapagos' (Year 6) and 'A Beautiful Planet' (Year 5) at Imax to learn more about our planet and experience other exhibits in the Museum.  Please make sure that your child has returned their form and money by Friday the 19th of May. CSEF can be used for this excursion if your family is eligible.
Gala Day 
Many year 5 and 6 students have been selected to participate in the first Gala Day on Friday the 5th of May, after weeks of training during Friday morning sport. Students selected will represent our school in: basketball, netball, T-ball and AFL and will be playing against other local primary schools. Good luck to all our students who are participating!


Welcome Back to Term 1  


The term has started off well with students in Years 5 and 6 settling in and meeting their new teacher and classmates.


We welcome Miss Valcanis to Year 6, Mr Domogala to Year 6 and we welcome back, Mrs Field to Year 5. We are sure that they will be great additions to the Year 5 and 6 team.


For the Year 6 children it is a year of challenges and reflections as they undertake their last year in the Primary School setting. The Year 6 children will also be enjoying a Growth Day early in the term that focuses on team building and using courage to complete activities.


Term One will focus on the theme of Australian Colonisation and the migration of people to this country throughout history. Students will be provided with experiences and information that will lead to a greater understanding of this large topic.


Nightly reading is encouraged across all Year 5 and 6 classrooms and the use of a diary is expected.


It is sure to be a highly productive term for all in Years 5 and 6!

5/6 Area Enquiries


Catherine Hilton



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5/6 Noticeboard

Term 4 Starts
Monday 9th October 

Chemistry Incursion
Thursday 2nd November

Curriculum Day

Monday 6th November

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Tuesday 7th November

Swimming Program
TBA Dates
Pizza Lunch
Wednesday 13th December
School Concert
Monday 18th December
Graduation Certificate Ceremony
Tuesday 19th December
House Awards Movie Day
Wednesday 20th December
Graduation Luncheon
Tuesday 21st December

Term 4 Ends
Friday 22nd December