Term 4

Welcome back to our Year 5/6 students and their families as we enter term 4. It is our fourth and final term together before the year 6s move onto high school. Coming up this term:


  • Swimming Program
  • School Concert – December 17th
  • Graduation Festivities – Last week of school.


Term 4 promises to be a busy term for students, parents and teachers.  Term 4 will see students focus on Scientific Experiments and Explanations in their writing.  Lyn Watts will continue with her Professional Development with the 5 / 6 teachers with particular focus on writing and the 6 levels of questioning.  In Mathematics areas of focus will be data collection and probability.  In SOSE we will be looking at the topic; Energised and again the 5s and 6s will be involved in Science Rotations.

Term 4 will also see Graduation for the year 6s.  This will be wonderful opportunity for parents to join us to celebrate all the wonderful work and achievements which have taken place not only this year but also in their time at DNPS. 


The DNPS swimming program will take place at the end of term 4. It will run every day for 2 weeks. We strongly encourage all students to attend the swimming program. Learning to swim is an important skill and it is easier to learn when the students are younger. The swimming classes cater for all levels- from students who have never swam before to students who take weekly lessons. For those who already undertake swimming lessons, they will have the opportunity to undertake assessment and will be placed in an appropriate class for their level.

Term 3


This Term students have began looking at the history of Australia in our theme “Our shared History”. We will be looking at various aspects of Indigenous culture and gaining an understanding of how Australia has developed over time.
Both year 5 and 6 students have been lucky enough to get involved the Melbourne Football Club schools program. Each week students are developing confidence and skills required to play AFL.
The year 6’s will soon be notified of their secondary school placement and will begin to receive their enrolment information mid-August. 
The final Gala Day for this year will be on the 24th of August. Students have had the opportunity to select and participate in either osh-rounders, cricket or soccer during 5/6 Sport on Fridays.
Looking forward to another wonderful term with all of the 5/6 students and teachers.

Term 2

This Term our theme is ‘What’s your impact?’. We will be exploring sustainability and our impact on the world and the environment. We will be heading off to CERES for a day of hands-on learning and fun. This excursion will take place in Week 6 – details to come!!!


The Grade 5s are busily preparing for NAPLAN Assessments. Theses assessments take place in the week commencing 14th of May. They cover Reading, Writing, Maths, Spelling and Grammar.


The Grade 6s are beginning to think about going to High School and this term will be visiting Lyndale Secondary School and Dandenong High School. We will be spending the day, looking at facilities and asking lots of questions to help us with our transition to high school. 


Despite it getting cooler, our first Gala Day is this term and will take place on the 18th May. We are all busily practicing and teams will be selected soon. The sports for Gala Day 1 are – AFL, T-Ball, Basketball and Netball.


A busy term ahead as reports and Parent/Teacher interviews will also take place. We are all excited to carry on with the hard work we have already started this year.



Welcome Back to Term 1

It has been a fantastic start to 2018, with the students in Years 5 & 6 returning to school ready and eager to learn.


We welcome three new staff to the 5/6 team, Miss DiLollo in Year 5, Miss Laurie in Year 5 and Miss Ludwig in Year 6. We are happy to have them as a part of the year 5 and 6 team.


For the Year 6 children it is a year of challenges and reflections as they undertake their last year in the Primary School setting. The Year 6 children will also be enjoying a Growth Day being held on the 1st February – which will focus on team building and using courage to complete activities.


Throughout Term One, students will be focusing their knowledge of who we are in Australia whilst working on the theme “How Lucky Are We?” Students will be able to attend an excursion to the Immigration Museum in Melbourne.


We promote and encourage nightly reading for all students in Years 5 and 6 and there is an expectation that student diaries will be signed nightly to indicate this.


We look forward to another productive term in years 5 and 6!


Year 5/6 Enquiries

Year 5&6 Area Leader

Catherine Hilton


Contact Number

9794 7899

Year 5/6 Noticeboard

Term 4 Starts

Monday 8th Ocotober

Curriculum Day
Monday 5th November

Melbourne Cup Day
Tuesday 6th November

Year 5/6 Swimming
Monday 26th November - Friday 7th December

Year 6 Orientation Day
Tuesday 11th December

School Concert
Monday 17th December

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony
Tuesday 18th December

Year 6 Graduation Luncheon
Thursday 20th December

Term 4 Ends

Friday 21st December