My role as SRC President

The role of SRC President takes a lot of effort, constantly organising different events and fundraisers. Running meetings is a huge factor to this as you have to plan, explain and then ask for suggestions. However, being an SRC president not only involves taking suggestions from your fellow SRCs in meetings but suggestions from the whole school. It’s interesting listening to all of the ideas our school has to offer and then evaluating them into ideas to think about and be put into action. Being an SRC president requires an awful lot of initiative and responsibility. More than often you would have to think to speeches and ideas at the last minute and have to improvise your way around problems in fundraising. Although it takes a lot of energy to run meeting, write speeches and collect money for fundraisers, at the end of fundraising event it’s uplifting to hear how much money you raised for those in need.




This year, the Student Representative Council (S.R.C.) will strive to represent all of the students at Dandenong North Primary School. We plan to listen and create an atmosphere within the school where all students can have a say. We plan to hold fun activities for students to participate in and to also raise money for charities and organisations that help people in need. Social service will be collected weekly, the funds going to the Dandenong Hospital, State Schools Relief and other worthy charities. We are looking forward to a busy year, developing our leadership qualities.


2017 SRC President:

Rishika 6H


2017 SRC Representatives: 

Ananya 3M

Athsayan 3B

Reza 3H

Jaanki 3W

Ruhama 3F


Mahdia 4FM

Divya 4N

Thenila 4K

Lazar 4C

Jeremy 4L


Mariam 5S

Ranudi 5F

Fiona 5H

Asia 5L


Irtika 6H

Hussain 6C

Farwa 6V

Leroy 6D

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