Term 4 News

Welcome back to Term 4, we are looking forward to this final, exciting term together.  Please remember that ALL students are required to wear a hat when they go outside this term. In November students involved in the school swimming program will begin lessons over a two-week period. Instructors at the pool will reinforce the importance of learning how to swim.

Themed Unit

This term we will be investigating the topic of Sun, Sea and Water Safety. This links well to our swimming lessons and time spent at the beach.

Our unit will focus around the following questions:

  1. Where are our local beaches?
  2. How can we be safe in/around water?
  3. How can we be safe in the sun?
  4. Who helps us near water?
  5. Why do we need to be safe in and around the water in Australia?


These questions will help the students develop the following key concepts:

  1. Be aware of safety issues that are important to people’s enjoyment and use of the water.
  2. Develop an understanding of what it means to be sun smart.
  3. Develop an understanding of what it means to be water smart.
  4. Understand the role of a lifeguard.


Here are some resources that you might find useful for this topic:


We also have an excursion to Mordialloc Beach on Thursday 1st November to help children develop an understanding of what it means to be sun and water smart. Please return your child’s permission form by Friday 26th October.


This term in Mathematics, students will be revising many topics that we have already learnt. We will be focussing on reading and writing two digit numbers, addition, subtraction, half of a shape and a collection and revisiting Australian coins. Students will participate in many hands on tasks and games to help them understand these concepts. Please continue to use Mathletics at home to support your child.


This term we will be learning the key features of information reports. We will be reading a range of celebrated ‘sea themed’ books and linking this to our writing. In ‘Talk for Writing’ the children will be learning an information report called ‘The Beautiful Blue Whale’ and writing their own information report about a different ocean animal. The key features we will be covering include:

  • Organising the report into topic paragraphs and using sub-headings
  • Use adjectives to describe the features of the animal
  • Use a range of sentence openers, generalisers and connectives
  • Use technical / science words.

You can find a copy of the text map in the ‘Talk for Writing’ section of this website.

In reading this term, Grade One students will read a variety of information texts about sea animals. Students will continue to revise the comprehension strategies they have learnt throughout the year. These techniques include, retelling the main, summarising the beginning, middle and end of the text, along with answering literal comprehension questions and inferring meaning using clues from the text. Students are encouraged to read every night and record the title in their 'Home Reading Journal'.

Welcome back to Term 3

Themed Unit

This term our theme is ‘Australian Animals/Dreamtime Stories. We will be learning about the many unique animals that can be found in Australia and the Dreamtime stories that Aboriginal peoples use to explain how things came to be. We are very excited about our upcoming excursion to Healesville Sanctuary where we will be able see a range of native Australian animals.



This term in mathematics sessions, revising addition, and beginning to learn how to subtract numbers. We will also be looking at Australian coins, and learning how order them based on their value. In the area of measurement and geometry, we will be focusing on using the language of location; using formal and informal units to measure; and three-dimensional objects and their features. In statistics and probability, students will be learning how to choose simple questions in order to collect data, and represent this using pictographs or bar graphs.



This term in writing, students are learning the structure of a range of text types; including a recount, a narrative and an information report. In reading, we are continuing to learn about a variety of reading comprehension strategies; such as questioning when reading, summarising the main points of a text and inferring the implied meaning using clues in the text. Please remember to encourage your child to read every night and record this in their ‘Home Reading Journal’.




Welcome back to Term 2

Themed Unit

We are looking forward to a busy, yet fun-filled term in Year 1. This term our theme is ‘Fairy Tales’. We will be learning about lots of different traditional tales within our English lessons. We will be reading fairy tales, acting them out, taking part in ‘Reader’s Theatre’ and even having a go at writing our own versions.
A few stories we will be learning about include:
The Three Little Pigs
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
The Gingerbread Man
It would be great if you could visit the library with your child to find some different fairy tales. A few stories can also be accessed here:
Please remember your child can also access their own library of books at:
https://www.oxfordowl.com.au/  (Please see your class teacher if your child has forgotten their login details.)
As part of a design and technology unit, we will be looking at toys from the past. Please look out for some home activities we would like you to complete (these will be on Seesaw). We will also be designing and making our own puppets to help us retell and act out our stories. On Friday 11th May we will be visited by ‘The Drama Toolbox’ who will be running a ‘Fairy Tale Fiasco’ drama workshop with each class. Please return the incursion forms by Friday 4th May.



This term in Mathematics sessions, students will continue focusing on their number skills, making, naming and writing numbers beyond 20. Students will begin to skip count by 2''s and 5's, as well as solve simple addition problems, using pictures to assist with their understanding. Students will be revisiting time to the hour, e.g. 2 o'clock, as well as common 2D shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle etc.). It would be greatly appreciated if you could continue to use the online Mathletics resource at home, in order to revisit what is being taught in the classroom.



Please remember to encourage your child to read every night and record this in their ‘Home Reading Journal’. 




Seesaw App
The Year One classes have also been using the Seesaw App. Seesaw is a great way to connect with your child's learning at school. When connected to your child's journal, you will be able to see some of the work that they are doing in class. You will have received instructions from your child's teacher on how to connect to Seesaw. If you are having any problems, please see your classroom teacher for assistance. 
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Term 4 Starts

Monday 8th Ocotober

Mordialloc Beach Excursion
Thursday 1st November

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Monday 5th November

Melbourne Cup Day
Tuesday 6th November

Year 1 Swimming
Monday 12th November - Friday 23rd November

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Monday 17th December

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Friday 21st December