Term 4

This Term, students will be learning about our theme, ‘Beneath Our Feet’. They will be endeavouring to understand more about geological formations and history as well as the effect of erosion in the ever-continuing existence of the Earth. To give students a feel for this topic, the grade will be attending an excursion to ‘Mothers Beach’ mid term. They will observe evidence of erosion and rock formation there.
The Timetables Competition will continue this term, with students competing in newly formed teams every Friday. Enthusiastic competition and mathematical knowledge will ensue.
Swimming is on the agenda for November this term. This year the program is set at an affordable price so families can afford to send their child to learn this important life skill.
This year’s school concert will take place on Monday the 17th of December. Students will get a chance to show off their entertaining prowess. This entertainment is not to be missed.
A reminder that students in Grade 4 are encouraged to read every night and to record this in their green reading journals. Homework expectations will be the same as previous terms.
All of the above adds up to a busy term for students, staff and parents. Good luck!

Term 3


This Term, students will be learning about our theme, ‘Democracy Rules’. They will be beginning to understand more about the government and how Australia is run. We will be closely exploring how the local government influences and maintains our community in Dandenong and neighbouring suburbs.

Footsteps has returned to DNPS for another year and students have already enjoyed learning some new dance styles. Students will be learning a new dance every Thursday for 5 weeks. We look forward to seeing our students becoming more active and having fun in this program.

Last term’s Timetables Competition was another success, with students competing in teams every Friday. Congratulations to the winning team, the ‘Mathematical Demons’. The Timetables Competition will continue this term with new teams and students are encouraged to continue to revise their timetables knowledge.

A reminder that students in Grade 4 are encouraged to read every night and to record this in their green reading journals.

We all look forward to a very productive term for Year 4!


Term 2

This Term the Year 4 students will be investigating the theme ‘Forces in Motion’.  They will be discovering different examples of forces and be learning about Newtons Laws of Motion.  Students will also be participating in an exciting incursion ‘Phizzics Workshop’.

Last term the Year 4 students were competing in a Timetables competition.  Students formed teams and competed on a Friday. Congratulations to the winning team, the ‘Mathematical Wizards’ last term.  The competition will continue in Term 2 and it is encouraged that students continue to revise their timetables to increase their number knowledge.

We hope students are continuing to complete their nightly reading and completing their reading journals.

Later in the term, reports will go home and Parent/Teacher interviews will take place. It should be a very exciting Term for Year 4!



Welcome Back to Term 1


Year 4 students have had a great start to the year. They are settled, ready to learn and have a big year ahead! 

We have welcomed two new teachers to the Year 4 team, Miss Lai in 4L and Mr Hickey in 4H. Our new teachers have been warmly welcomed by all year 4 students.

Throughout this term, students have been involved in our theme ‘One Country, Many Faces’. This theme is focused on Australia’s multicultural society, the acceptance of everyone and understanding and valuing other students’ backgrounds, traditions and cultures.

We are looking forward to our whole school celebration of Harmony Day. Year 4 students will participate in a rotation of interesting learning tasks surrounding the meaning of Harmony Day.  

In Year 4 we encourage nightly reading and ask students to fill out their green reading journal.

We look forward to a fantastic year! 


Year 4 Enquiries

Year 4 Area Leaders

Melissa Maskell & Claire Ferguson


Contact Number

9794 7899

Year 4 Noticeboard

Term 4 Starts

Monday 8th Ocotober

Curriculum Day
Monday 5th November

Melbourne Cup Day
Tuesday 6th November

Mothers Beach Excursion
Wednesday 7th November

Year 4 Swimming
Monday 26th November - Friday 7th December

School Concert
Monday 17th December

Term 4 Ends

Friday 21st December