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26th March 2018 


School Spirit Awards

Term 1, 2018 School Spirit Awards It is the end of another successful Term One at Dandeong North Primary School. As usual, it has been jam packed with learning and educational growth! It is also the opportunity to celebrate those wonderful students who show themselves to have the School Spirit that makes DNPS so unique. As in previous terms, Mr Mackay, Mrs Mackay and Mr Hilton have struggled to select just one School Spirit Award winner and as the school continues to grow, there are more and more exceptional candidates who could receive this award. These students are role models and exemplars for student behaviour, kindness, dedication and they live by the 4C’s. It is always wonderful to hear the awards being read out at Monday’s Assembly and below are our list of nominees. We congratulate all students on their nomination and celebrate the award winners on the following page.


Here are the winners for Term One:

The winner from Year 1 & 2:

 Azaan (1O) This award goes to Azaan for being a loving, encouraging and supportive friend to his classmates. Azaan is often concerned about the feelings of others and always takes initiative to do things that are not asked of him. All term, he has worked towards reaching the writing goals that Miss Ong has set him. He takes in feedback and makes changes to his work. Well done, Azaan! I'm super proud of you.

The winner from Year 3 & 4:

 Kavya (3H) Kavya this year in Grade 3 has shown a love for learning in all subjects. She couldn’t wait to get her new Mathletics password to start working every night from home and completes all homework to a high standard. Kavya has excelled in mathematics and enjoys learning new concepts both in Mr Allen’s lessons and the classroom, Kavya has even been brave enough to attend Grade 5 extension maths sessions every week – which can be scary for a Grade 3! I look forward to all Kavya’s new learning this year and the amazing work she will complete!

The winner from Year 5 & 6:

Mohammad (5WD) Mohammad was a clear winner, voted by his peers to receive 5WDs School Spirit Award for Term 1. Mohammad has started the year with a BANG. He has demonstrated daily, how to be an excellent classmate by participating in all tasks by working to the best of his ability, staying focused -while keeping a positive attitude. He is a friendly and kind classmate, who always offers his help to others in need. His kind and gentle approach is respected and felt by everyone in the classroom. Mohammad displays maturity far beyond his Grade 5 years. He sets the standard high for others to achieve when it comes to listening, cooperating with others and working to your full potential. Congratulations Mohammad on your well-deserved award.


School Council Meeting

The second School Council Meeting for 2018 will be held tonight Monday 26th March. The Dandenong North Primary School Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 30th April at 7 pm in the staffroom. This is an opportunity for the community to hear about the effectiveness of our school programs and the outstanding academic performance of our children. All parents are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting.


Harmony Day

The 21st March is known internationally as Harmony Day - a time to celebrate people and cultures from across the globe. At Dandenong North, we celebrated Harmony Day last Friday. The School Captains and the Student Leadership Team hosted a whole school parade which expressed the tolerance, justice and cultural unity symbolic to Australia. We were very proud to see all the students from 50 different cultural backgrounds participating in this event. Throughout the day, the students experienced different cultures, through dress, music, art, food and class activities which highlighted different countries around the world. Two of the Student Leadership Team created a poem which they shared as a part of the celebrations.


Harmony Day – By Hitanshi & Reshmi

It’s a day of joy Fun for all girls and boy People from China, Mexico and Germany

Let’s celebrate in Harmony

Students coming from East and West

To make our school the very best

We are all so unique

So many strengths too much to speak

Let’s show them what we can be

Let’s celebrate in Harmony

We all join together

To make our school better

We all are one

Today we will celebrate a ton

 I hope it lasts for eternity

Let’s celebrate in Harmony


Dandenong Council School Crossing Concern

Student safety is a priority at all times in and around school settings, and we regularly remind parents of the need for our children to safely cross the road. Late last week, Mr Mackay received a letter from Dandenong Council, informing him that a local resident had written to council with concerns. In this letter, the resident had observed children crossing at the roundabout of David Street and Cleeland Street, away from the supervised school crossings. The council has encouraged us to again remind all parents that there are manned crossing areas at Cleeland and David Streets that should be the primary crossing area for our students. As a school community, we are all aware how busy the surrounding streets of our school can be - therefore it is important that children only cross at supervised areas. Could parents please discuss with their children, the areas where they should be crossing and highlight the dangers of crossing when unsupervised. As a community, we must look out for each and every child and keep them safe.


Division Swimming Carnival

Earlier this month, the Division Swimming Carnival was held at the Noble Park Swimming Pool. Lazar M (5F) placed 2nd in the 11 Year Boys 50 metre breast stroke and 3rd place in the 11 Year Boys 50 metre freestyle. Jayden M (4H) took 2nd place in the 10 Year Boys 50 metre freestyle and 2nd place in the 10 Year Boys 50 metre butterfly. Ruhama A (4K) achieved 4th place in the 10 Year Girls 50 metre Freestyle. Kitty Z (6H) placed 4th in the 12/13 Year Girls 50 metre Backstroke. Sana P (6L) gained 4th place in the 12/13 Year Girls 50 metre Freestyle. Una D (6D) placed 7th in the 12/13 Year Girls 50 metre Breaststroke. Competitors who place 1st automatically qualify for the Region Swimming Carnival at the Melbourne Swimming Aquatic Centre (MSAC) on the 28th March. 2 nd placed swimmers will be notified if they progress to the next level as it will be the fastest timed swimmers who will be offered the opportunity to continue. Congratulations to these students and thank you to parents for taking children along to this swim meet.



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