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20th February 2018


2018 Prep’s Settle In 

It’s hard to believe, but our littlest learners have been at school for three weeks already! Hasn’t time flown! 

This year’s Prep students have shown themselves to be particularly resilient - settling into their new environment and beginning to understand the routine of school life in quick time.

 The first few weeks of every school year are particularly exhausting for our newest students and therefore it is particularly important that all children are getting to bed early for some much needed sleep.

 A morning and afternoon routine is also particularly important as this ensures that all students are ready for their time at school. 

All Prep classes have begun at-tending specialist lessons like Art, Physical Education and Library and they have thrived in these new environments. 

This is the first week that the Preps are outside during recess and lunch times with the other children - which is always a little scary - however there are lots of staff and students on hand to assist them. 

Next week will be the first time that our Preps will be attending school from 9 till 3.15 and this is another milestone in their educational journey. 

Congratulations to the newest members of the Dandenong North family.


Working with Children’s Check 

Please be aware that all adults assisting in a voluntary capacity at the school will require a current Working with Children Check (WWCC). Before beginning any voluntary assistance your card needs to be presented at the office where a copy will be made and kept for the duration of your voluntary work.


Booklist 2018 

Earlier this term, every child across the school should have received a book list payment note. We endeavour to keep all of our costs to a minimum and as in previous years, the cost of your child’s books is only $100. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many families who have so promptly paid this booklist money to the office. Just a reminder to all other families that you can pay this money at the office via cash or through our EFTPOS facilities. 

Thanking you in advance.


The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund provides funds for eligible families to be used for camps, sporting events and excursions. For families who hold a current Health Care Card as of the 29th January 2018, you will be eligible for this fund. The $125 per student per year is paid directly to the school and linked to the student. 

The necessary forms to apply for this fund were sent home earlier this year and we urge all of our parents to fill in the necessary pieces of information and return these forms to school as soon as possible. So if you have a valid Health Care Card, fill in the required information and return it to the office as quickly as possible.


Update Information

As the new year begins, many families have changed addresses and/or contact details over the holiday period. If this has occurred, it is important that we have up to date information. The safety of the children at our school is of the utmost importance, however when a child becomes ill or there is an accident in the playground, we need to be able to contact parents immediately. In order for this to occur, the records that are kept in the office must be relevant and up to date.

Therefore we need our parents to inform the office of any changes to personal details - most importantly phone contact and address details. We appreciate your assistance in this matter by contacting the school office as soon as possible with this updated information. 


School Hours 

Children are required to arrive at school between 8:45 and 9am. If children arrive after 9am, children must first go to the Office to be given a “Late Pass”. Students are dismissed from school at 3:15 pm.  Each day, teachers are on duty from 8.45am until 3.30pm. Children who are at school outside these hours are not supervised.  After 3:30pm it is considered the parents/carers duty of care to ensure children are safe and under their supervision unless they have phoned to inform the school they will be late.

The school will ensure all students have been collected by parents/carers before the school is closed for the day; however, the expectation is that children will have left the school grounds by 3:30pm.



Parking around the school, especially before and after school, can be difficult. The roads around the school are all signposted, telling drivers the times that they are allowed to park, and when an area is only a drop off/pick up zone.  

The City of Greater Dandenong officers, and the local police regularly patrol the area around the school, and issue fines for cars that are illegally parked. It is important that parents do not leave their cars unattended in the pick-up/drop off areas during the times indicated on the signs.  

Parents cannot use the school car park unless they have a special reason that has been approved by the principal.

 With so many parking restrictions around the school and spaces taken up by people who work in surrounding areas, it is important for our parents to be patient and to read the designated signposts carefully. 


2018 Peer Mediators  

Our Peer Mediator Program has been running at DNPS for quite a number of years and has provided our students with an added layer of assistance whilst in the playground.  

This year Mrs McLaughlin and Mrs Wilhelm will be running the program, however we thank Miss MacLeod and Mrs McLaughlin for training our newest Peer Mediators in 2017 in readiness for 2018.  

The Peer Mediators role is to move around the school during recess and lunchtimes assisting children to solve minor playground issues and to help with friendships.  

The students have been trained in conflict management and they are able to follow up any concerns with Mrs McLaughlin or Mrs Wilhelm.  


PAL 2018 

New for 2018 we have 15 Year 6 students who have been trained as Peer Activity Leaders. The role of these students is to allow opportunities for all children to participate in fun activities during recess times in the hall. So if there are any children across the school who want to come and be involved in an activity during recess time – these students will be wearing a yellow vest and will welcome all children to come and participate. 

Thank you to Mr Gould and Mrs Blachford for organising this program.








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