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12th June 2018



2018 Successful School Review 


Last Thursday signaled the end of a four year cycle at Dandenong North Primary School.


Every four years, Victorian Primary Schools undergo a Review. It is essentially where schools are assessed against goals and targets they set four years prior, as part of their Strategic Plan.


For this review we had Mr Howard Looney from Phillips KPA who was allocated to our school by the Department of Education to undertake our Review. Senior Education Improve-ment Leader (SEIL) Ken Robinson was also present for the five days. The panel also consisted of two challenge partners who Mr Mackay was able to select. Our two challenge partners, Mr Mark Moir from Lyndale Secondary and Mr John Mooney from Emerson School were present for two of these review days.


Mr Looney initially received school documentation in advance of his visit. This document was put together by the school and encompassed evidence of how we achieved our goals stated in the Strategic Plan as well as all of the programs, staff, and finances that relat-ed to the development of DNPS over the last four years.


Mr Looney and Mr Robinson were then present at our school for five days to see if everything that was written up in the self evaluation documentation, matched what was actually happening in our school.


On one of the field days, the panel was treated to a wonderful presentation from our Student Leadership Team and


selected Student Representative Council (SRC) team members who outlined the programs at DNPS, along with their own fantastic educational journeys.


There was also an opportunity to talk with parents from the Afghani Mothers Group, who spoke about how education in Australia is very different to what they experienced and how the school is meeting the needs of their children.


There was also plenty of opportunities for Mr Looney and the other visitors to view classrooms to see how our dedicated staff develop students in a safe learn-ing environment. They were most impressed with our intervention and extension programs and the Talk For Writing program.


The final day outlined the Strategic Plan goals for the next four years. Howard could not speak highly enough of the fact that DNPS had not only achieved its goals - but were providing all students with an education that was competing with the very best schools in Australia.


Congratulations to all members of the DNPS community.



Divisional Cross Country Results

On Friday 8th June, over 24 students from Dandenong North Primary School competed in the Division Cross Country Championships at Tatterson Park, Keysborough.

The weather was not at all favourable on Friday - with the children having to endure rain and cold conditions.

Dandenong North Primary School has continued to dominate this competition with 18 of the 24 competitors placing in positions either 1 to 10.

This means that these children now progress through to the Southern Metropolitan Regional Primary Cross Country. Which is taking place on Has-tings Foreshore on Thursday 21st June.

Below are all of the results from last Friday’s event:

Year 9/10 Girls

Yalda Y 2nd place

Michelle W 3rd place

Aisha D 4th place

Connie P 9th place

Year 9/10 Boys

Haris R 2nd place

Bol N 4th place

Marko R 5th place

Luka R 10th place

Maysam N DNF (injured)

Year 11 Girls

Vaishnavi D 7th place

Asma A 8th place

Natalin A 9th place

Angela K 15th place

Sugoud N DNF (injured)

Year 11 Boys

Hassan A 2nd place

Alex C 3rd place

Noah A 4th place

Reza A 5th place

Year 12/13 Girls

Sally W 2nd place

Nyoka W 6th place

Freshta R 14th place

Zahra H 22nd place

Year 12/13 Boys

Hassan Y 3rd place

Shadman M 14th place

Congratulations to all of the competitors - you have represented Dandenong North proudly.

Good luck to the competitors heading to the next level of competition.

Thank you to all of the staff involved in developing and assisting these children to reach their full potential.


2019 Prep Enrolments

With a continued pattern of increasing student enrolments, we are keen to ensure that all our current families have students enrolled for 2019 in order to assist with planning and to keep all class sizes as small as possible.

We are aiming to keep our Prep classes to below twenty in order to give children the best possible start to their education. Therefore it is highly important for us to have an idea as to how many stu-dents may be enrolling at our school for next year.

If you know of a neighbour or a relative who has a child that turns five before the 30th April 2019, please ask them to come to the office for an enrolment form.

Parents are asked to bring proof of birth and an im-munisation certificate (obtained from the local council offices) in order to enrol their child at our school.

Early enrolment also ensures children are included in our Prep Transition Program which begins in Term Four.

We look forward to meeting all of our new families enrolling at DNPS and making them a part of our community.


Michael Ymer Visits DNPS

We had our resident Maths Consultant Michael Ymer, visit our school on Wednesday of last week.

Michael had the opportunity to work with the Preps, Year 2s and the Year 5 and 6 students and teachers.

He provides staff with the opportunity to see a targeted maths lesson that builds upon student knowledge.

Later our staff have the opportunity to discuss mathematical concepts after the demonstration les-son that allows teachers to redirect misconceptions in their students learning and to build on their prior knowledge.

We thank Michael again for providing an invaluable service to our students and teachers.






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