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5th February 2019
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News From the North

 Off and Running

It was great to see our students and families eagerly returning to DNPS on what has been a particular hot start to the school year. We also welcome students and their families who are new to our school.

Currently our student population is nearing 830 children! Both staff and parents have worked together to ensure it has been a wonderful start to the new year and  each student has settled back into the routines of school.

Throughout Term Four 2018, parents would have seen the creation of the new Year 2 building. All students are now  housed together in this brand new building along with a new junior Library which is currently being set up by Ms. Varas , Miss. Gray and Mrs Saunders.
The prep students have now moved into the building which used to house the Year 1 and 2 students. It’s a fabulous space for the children to work in. The old Prep Building will be demolished over the Term One holidays.
Over the Christmas break there was the return of the Mod 5 classrooms on the Woodlee Street boundary.

Two of our Year 4 classes are now in these buildings. This year we have 37 classes and we have endeavoured to keep class sizes as small as possible to ensure that the needs of all children are met.

Children will complete specialist lessons in Physical Education (PE), Information Technology (ICT), Library and Visual Arts.

A Student leadership Team has been selected to ensure the continual growth of student voice.

As in previous years we have trained Peer Mediators to support students in the yard at recess and lunch times.

We will continue to have  Peer Activity Leaders (PAL) who will organise and run games at recess times to include all students. These PAL leaders are our current House Captains and Vice Captains.
2019 promises to be another big year!

Sun Smart School

A reminder to all children and parents that during Terms 1 and 4, all children are required to wear a hat.  All children should have their own hat and it should be brought to school everyday or they can be left at school. It’s important that you name your child’s hat to ensure it is returned to them if it is lost. Bucket hats can be purchased from the Office for $9.95.


New Staff

2019 has seen the employment of many new staff. Below is a brief introduction to these new (and not so new) faces.
Miss Chloe Gage is new to Dandenong North and has taken on a teaching position in Year 1. Miss Gage taught  previously at Harrisfield Primary.
Mrs Kim Brookman  has settled into her Year 2 classroom. She has taught at Huntingdale Primary School for a number of years and is excited to be joining the DNPS team!
Miss Azemina Mezildzic is a familiar face to DNPS as she is an ex student and has worked in the Reading Intervention Program over the last few years. She is looking forward to teaching her own Year 2 class.
Miss Rebecca Leicester  has joined DNPS in Year 3. She is an experienced teacher from Western Australia, who has experience teaching the Talk For Writing Program.

We welcome Mrs Victoria Putson to the Year 3 team. She was born and raised in the UK and has undertaken teaching employment in England before coming to Australia. Mrs Putson taught in various year levels in 2018 throughout. She is excited about having her own class this year.

Mrs Monica Wills has returned from maternity leave after the birth of her daughter Olivia. She is team teaching with Mrs Massey in Year 4. Miss Wills will be working on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Sabrina Massey is  another staff member to join the Year 4 team. Mrs Massey  is an experienced teacher who has taught various year levels during her time at DNPS.

Miss Melissa Portelli has joined the Year 4 team as the teacher of 4P. Miss Portelli has spent the last 18 months teaching in England, before successfully securing for a position at DNPS.

Miss Emily Abouchakra will be working in 5CW on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout Term 1 as Mrs Wells is on leave. Miss Abouchakra has worked regularly over the last couple of years at DNPS as a relief teacher.

We welcome back Miss Amy Cadman from maternity leave after the birth of her son Sullivan. Miss Cadman has experience in the senior school, and this year will team teach with Mrs Wells when she returns from leave. Miss Cadman teaches 5CW on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Sunita Kalia is a welcome addition to the Year 5/6 team. Mrs Kalia is an experienced teacher who has joined DNPS from Lyndhurst Primary Schpol.

Another familiar faced teacher has taken on a full time posi- tion at DNPS this year. Miss Hannah Keane is teaching

6HK. Last year Miss Keane spent time teaching in both 5H and 5W.

Tim Allman has returned to Dandenong North PS and is teaching a Year 6. Mr Allman spent 1 months working in the Northern Territory teaching students in Years 7 and 8. He is looking forward to working with the senior students after teaching Prep.

Mrs Bridie King has also returned from maternity leave after the birth of her son. Mrs King is returning to DNPS to provide numeracy support and time release for new staff and those with leadership responsibilities.

Maychelle Tung has joined the DNPS staff in the role of  a Speech Pathologist. She will be located in the Wellbeing Centre and is a welcome addition to this team.

We are sure that all  staff will continue Dandenong North’s proud history of providing high quality education and  access to programs which develop every individual to become the best that they can be!


Earlier this week every child across the school should have received a book list payment note. We endeavor to keep all of our costs to a minimum and as in previous years, the cost of your child’s books is only $100.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many families who have so promptly paid this book-



The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund provides funds for eligible families to be used for camps, sporting events and excursions.

For families who hold a current Health Care Card as of the 29th January 2019, you will be eligible for this fund.

The $125 per student per year is paid directly to the school and linked to the child and can be used to pay for excursions or sporting events.

The forms needed to apply for this fund were sent home earlier this week and we urge all of our parents to fill in the necessary pieces of information and return these forms to school as soon as possible.

If  you have a valid Health Care Card, fill in the required information and return it to the office as

quickly as possible. All forms must be returned by 28th February 2019


Unexplained Absences - SMS Texting

We  began  in  2018,  sending  text  messages  to  parents/guardians if their child was absent from school with no reason provided for this absence. This is a part of the government’s Student Attendance Guidelines for school’s.

Please remember to call the school on 9794 7899 or email to notify the school of your child’s absence early in the morning if your child is going to be away or late for school. Your child’s absence can then be recorded correctly. As well, if you know that you are going on an overseas holiday for an extended period of time - you are required to provide the school with written notification.

Same-day   notification   of   unexplained   student absences:

If a student is absent from school and there has been no explanation provided, a text message will be sent


Year 6 Growth Day

As has become tradition at Dandenong North, the Year 6 students attended a Growth Day, where children were able to complete team building activities and  to face their fears as they undertook activities at Up Unlimited in Moorabbin.

Children first completed a safety briefing then some team building tasks. After this they had the opportunity to be harnessed into safety equipment as they tackled the rock climbing walls and caving activities.

These activities really test the courage of the children and it was fabulous to see their new class mates encouraging everyone cheering and screaming as they became more excited by the courage and successes of every student.

In the afternoon children returned to school to have a late lunch and to reflect on the importance of being a part of a team.

Thanks to all of the staff who participated in this day and we hope that the relationships built during this day sets all Year 6 students up for what promises to be another wonderful Year of social and academic sucess

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