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15th August 2017



Student Absences


The Education Department has drawn our attention to the high number of unexplained student absences at Dandenong North Primary.


We ask that parents provide a written explanation for any of your child’s absences from school.


If no note is brought to school after a child returns, teachers will send a note home with students. If parents haven’t already provided a note of explanation, please fill out this form and return it to school with your child. There will be an absence note proforma that can also be accessed by parents on the school website.


Research indicates that student learning is impacted significantly if they are absent for more than 20 days in a given year.


We would ask that the Dandenong North school community ensure that students attend on a regular basis and when children are absent please ensure a note is received by the classroom teacher - particularly when undertaking overseas travel.


Thanks you for your assistance with this matter.




2018 Prep Enrolments


Over the last couple of weeks, we have begun to receive a number of 2018 Prep enrolments from current DNPS families. We would like to-take this opportunity to remind any other DNPS families with eligible 2018 Prep children, to come to the office to enrol them with the school.


Early Prep enrolments enable us to plan ahead and to keep class sizes as small as possible. In 2018, we are aiming to keep our Prep classes to below twenty in order to give children the best possible start to their education. Therefore it is highly important for us to have an idea as to how many students may be enrolling at our school for next year.


If you know of a neighbour or a relative who has a child who turns five before the 30th April 2018, please ask them to come into the office for an enrolment form.


Parents are asked to bring along proof of birth and an immunisation certificate (obtained from the local council offices) in order to enrol their child at our school.


Early enrolment also ensures children are included in our Prep Transition Program which will begin early in Term Four.


We look forward to meeting all new enrolments to DNPS and making them a part of our community.




Preps Visit Casey Safety Village


As part of their theme which looks at the community, last week our Preps went to visit Casey Safety Village.


This village is a purpose built educational setting for students to visit out in Cranbourne.


This village is run by educators that focus on student safety at home, on the street and in the com-munity.


The Preps learnt about how to safely cross the road at traffic lights and to use the children’s crossing that is manned by a crossing supervisor.


They were also taught about the importance of wearing seatbelts when in cars and buses.


A highlight was an opportunity for the Preps to ride around the village watching out for traffic signals and pedestrians.


There was also a fire safety lesson with Phil the fireman, who taught the children the difference between a good fire and a bad fire. Phil made sure that the Preps were well drilled in what to do in an emergency fire situation - e.g to Stop Drop and Roll.


The children had a wonderful time and it was a truly enjoyable experience for our children and one that will be remembered.




Art Competition


Miss Mac proudly announced the opening of the 2017 Art Competition.


This has become an annual event that allows our students to showcase their artistic skills.


Miss Mac wanted to make it known that this com-petition is not a “lucky dip” and she would prefer students put their best effort into completing one piece of art work to enter into the competition than rushing and entering more than one piece.


As in every past year, the winners work will be framed and hung up in the offie areas of the school.


Miss Mac requested that students only complete 2D images as she is unable to frame 3D. However mixed media, paints, pencils, crayons, collage etc are all accepted. She also asked students to refrain from completing their pieces on lined paper - ra-ther come and collect an A3 piece of white paper from her to complete pieces on.


No Art competition pieces are to be returned to Miss Mac - instead class teachers will collect them. All items for the competition need to be handed into class teachers by Friday 22nd September


Good luck to all students!




Book Parade


Dandenong North will be celebrating book week with a Book Parade to be held next Tuesday 22nd August from 9.30am – 11am.


This is a wonderful time of the year to celebrate and encourage children to sit down and enjoy reading a book just for pleasure.


Imagination drives creativity and innovation and reading allows us to envision and escape to worlds beyond our own, to times other than the here and now which fuel our imagination. Behind every fairy tale and cherished picture book is imagination. Come dressed as your favourite book character or non-fiction character on Tuesday 22nd August.


The best dressed book characters from each class will win a free book.






The 10 day Intensive Swimming Program will be held next term in late October, November and early December.


Lessons this year will again be taught at Just Swimming, Scott Street Dandenong.


Students will travel to and from the pool by bus every day for two weeks. The cost of this program is $90.00, which equates to $9 per lesson.


There have been notes sent home to all students during Term Two and you can collect another note if required, from the office.


As Dandenong North Primary has continued to grow, positions are limited so it is very important that the school receives confirmation of your intention to have your student participate in the program as soon as possible. As part of this confirmation a $30 deposit is required.


Families that have successfully applied for the CSEF payment are able to use this payment for swimming.


If you wish for your child to participate in the swimming program your payment must be finalized by Friday 13th October 2017. So get in quick to secure your child’s spot in this program.




Earn & Learn


This year we will again be participating in the Woolworths Earn & Learn program. Through this program we will be able to get new educational re-sources for our school– and all you have to do is shop for your groceries at Woolworths.


From Wednesday 26th July until Tuesday 19th September you will get one Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco and gift cards). Bring your Earn &Learn stickers to school for your classroom teacher to collect.


At the end of the promotion, we’ll be able to get some great new equipment. The range is extensive and offers lots of items ideal for our students – including resources for Maths, English, Science and some fantastic fun supplies for Arts & Craft, Sport and for our library.


If you’d like to know more you can visit


We thank you for your assistance with this program






Mathletics in an online maths program that is offered free to children in Years 1 to 6. This pro-gram can be used both at home or at school for all children who have access to a computer and the internet at Children have their own individual passwords and can complete tasks relevant to their educational development, which have been set by their class teach-er. They can also improve their fast mathematical recall times by competing in a live mathematical game against other children all around the world.


This program is a fantastic way to improve your child’s Mathematics progress, while they enjoy the use of the computer and competing against other children from around the world.


The Mathletics password also allows the children to access the on-line program Rain-forest Maths at www.rainforestmaths .com


If you have any questions regarding your child’s access to this program, please see your child’s classroom teacher.




Lost Hearing Aid


Last week one of our students lost his hearing aid while at school.


This is a very special device that allows him to hear what is being said in all situations.


If you find the hearing aid at school or if another child has accidentally taken it home, could you please return it to the school office. Thank you.







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