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7th August 2018


45 Years Service For Miss Thomas


In this newsletter we are celebrating a wonderful milestone that has been achieved  by one of our long standing staff members. Miss Elizabeth Thomas has achieved 45 years of service to education in Victoria! What an achievement!! Miss Thomas began her career in 1973 when she studied at Burwood Teachers College. She then moved onto further study at Monash University and then onto the State College of Victoria in Burwood. Miss Thomas has impacted an enormous amount on children’s lives during this career spanning 45 years, which began with her first position at Essex Heights Primary School - which she stayed at for nine years, before moving to Canterbury PS for one year. Her next position was at Dorset PS - where she stayed for 17 years before moving to DNPS  in 2002. Over the course of her career, Miss Thomas has taught at every primary school year level and has been head of both Junior and Senior departments. Miss Thomas has always had a passion for literacy and has found so much joy in her current position of developing and leading the Reading Intervention Program. She still has a love of teaching and believes that she can make a significant difference to the lives of the students that  enter the Reading Intervention Program. Congratulations, Miss Thomas!




SRC News - Pyjama Day


The SRC are holding the annual Whole School Pyjama Day on Wednesday 22nd August! This is an opportunity to come to school dressed in your pyjamas, wearing your slippers and carrying your favourite teddy. Prizes will be awarded to students in each class for the best slippers and bedtime toy. The SRC ask that you bring along a gold coin in order to participate in this event - which will go to charity. So come dressed in your pyjamas on the 22nd August.




Preps Visit Traffic School 


Yesterday and again today, the Prep children have been visiting the Kew Traffic School as part of their theme “Our Community”.  The Traffic School is  a purpose built educational setting for students to visit and learn about safety. This village is run by educators that focus on student safety at home, on the street and in the community. While at the Traffic School, children learn about how to safely cross the road using traffic lights and to use the children’s crossing that is manned by a crossing supervisor. The prep children had the opportunity  to  ride around the village watching out for traffic signals and pedestrians. 


They were also taught about the importance of wearing seatbelts when in cars and buses. The children had a wonderful time and it was a truly enjoyable experience for our children and one that will be remembered.  Thank you to Miss Howell for organising this wonderful excursion for all of our prep students.




100 Days of School For Our Prep Students


On Tuesday the 24th of July a huge milestone was reached by our Prep students as they celebrated their 100th day of school! On this special day, we had the chance to stop and look back at how far our students have come in their first 100 days of learning at school! Miss Kilpady and Miss McLaughlin surprised us by dressing up as their 100 year old selves and were almost unrecognisable, definitely attracting some strange looks and providing a few good laughs!  The 100th day of school allowed the perfect opportunity to have fun with the number 100. Students were treated to a variety of activities where they had to put on their thinking caps and practise their mathematical skills!   To finish off a wonderful day all the preps celebrated together by rotating through some exciting activities exploring the number 100 with their peers!  We are all so proud of what our students have achieved in the last 100 days and can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the year!




Year 1 Healseville Sanctuary Excursion


A Recount of the excursion from 1W (with help from Linda):


 On Tuesday 31st July, the bus took us to Healesville Sanctuary. We have been learning all about the different kinds of Australian animals.  When we arrived, we hopped off the bus and ate our delicious lunch. First, we played at the animal hospital. We got to dress up as vets and use the stethoscope to check how the animals were feeling. Next, we watched the ‘Spirits of the Sky’ show, seeing all the birds of prey was amazing. Magra, the wedged-tail eagle swooped over our heads and Millie the Barking Owl was silent as she glided through the air. We even got to feed some colourful parakeets. The best part of our day was when we got to meet all the different Australian animals:  


The noisy, white pelicans The fluffy, sleepy koalas The bouncy, brown kangaroos.  


Finally, after an exciting day exploring Healesville Sanctuary, it was time to go home. We would like to say a big thank you to all the staff who came with us and helped us have such a great day out.  




Australian Animal Poem – By 1O and 1S:   


The Alligator  


The frightening alligator lives in the muddy river,  waiting for its food.


Its beady eyes are as shiny as a diamond. 


Its dangerous teeth are as sharp as a knife.


Crawling on its stumpy legs, it slides into the water.


 Its spiky tail curves like a snake's body.


The alligator waits for his friend to play.




Youth Empowerment


On Wednesday 1st of August, the School Captains’ Leadership Team walked to the Drum Theatre in Dandenong to attend the 3rd Annual Youth Empowerment Conference. Both Mr Mackay and Miss Sobia attended with the children. The conference was organised and run by students from Wooranna Park Primary School and was attended by 12 other Dandenong schools. The purpose of the conference was to inspire and motivate young leaders within the region, to think big. There were 10 incredible speakers who


shared their experiences, stories and advice on how they achieved their goals and became who they are today.  Students from DNPS also participated in the exclusive SpecSavers competition where they had to write a creative piece about “Which of the 5 senses is the most important and why?” and the winners were announced at the end of the Conference. Out of the 100 Entries, there were 10 student winners  and this included 3 students from DNPS! Well done to the students who submitted an entry, and congratulations to the winning students, Natalin (6L) in the Top 3, Sara (6D) and Hanin (6D) in the Top 10  - their prize is the opportunity to take a tour around the Headquarters of Specsavers.  What an inspiring and empowering day for the School Captains’ Leadership Team!




Sports News




On the 27th of the July the Boys Soccer team travelled to Greaves Reserve to play in the Division Soccer Finals. After our first place win at the District Championship, our hopes were high. They stayed that way after the first game where we thrashed Lighthouse College 6-0! Next match we were up against Mount Athol who were a well-structured team - however we were too good for them, winning 3-1. Meaning that we progressed to the Regional Finals which were held last Monday. At these Regional Finals, we soon realised that it was a whole different story! The other players were taller, harder, faster and stronger! It gave us all a real understanding about the improvements we needed to make as a team but also as individual players. Our first game against Timbarra was tough! We were very unlucky with chances so the game ended in a draw 0-0. Our second game against Hampton PS was a loss. This team were the eventual winners of the whole competition and they deserved it as their team was outstanding! A motivational speech from Mr Domogala saw us win our last game 3-0 against Woodleigh Junior. We placed 3rd out of 8 schools. We thank Mr Domogala for teaching us the skills for this competition. By Rahul and Daniel – 6D






The Girls Netball team participated in the District Finals, competing against two other District winners. DNPS first played against the  Springvale District winner and won 5 to10, then we played Noble Park District winning 4 to12. Winning both games made Dandenong North the overall winners!  This Thursday the girls will be advancing to the Regional Finals which are being held in Pakenham. We congratulate the girls and wish them all the very best at this next level. Thanks to Miss Fisher for coaching and supporting the team.


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