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16th October 2018



This edition of “News From the North” will be the last one to be printed and sent home with each child on a Tuesday afternoon, at Dandenong North Primary School. Everyone now has access to technology through phones and tablets - therefore the school has made the decision to stop printing newsletters - preferring an electronic version instead. This does not mean that there will no longer be a newsletter - as this communication is important in order to keep our community up to date with what is occurring at the school. Instead, the fortnightly newsletter can be found both on the website and through the App “Updat-ed”.

We have had a phenomenal response from our families who have downloaded the app and have been accepted by our website coordinator. We are hoping that there will be more families who will download the app in order to continue to receive the newsletter which informs families of what is occurring in and around our school. If you have any questions regarding this, you can come to the office and talk with one of our friendly office staff who will be more than happy to assist you.


New Building

As students and parents entered the school grounds last Monday after the school holidays they would have noticed that the new seven classroom building had begun to take shape.

On the last Wednesday and Thursday of the holidays there was action aplenty on the school grounds with cranes and workmen carefully guiding the new architect designed building into place. The building is called a permanent modular building, which means that the building has been constructed off site in various pieces and then a crane is used to put all the pieces together like a jigsaw.

Even with all of the frame being put together in two days, there is still much work to be completed before the seven classrooms, teacher offices, withdrawal spaces and toilets will be ready for students to occupy.

One major hold up will be the installation of a lift that is being made in Italy which has to be transported to Australia.

These new buildings will be ready and in use for the start of 2019. Over the new year holiday period the current prep buildings are expected to be bulldozed.

Term 4 - Hats

It is Term Four and that means it is time for students to wear their school hats during all outside play. This includes play and lunch times as well as all outside sporting events.

As Dandenong North is a  Sun Smart School, it is expected that students will wear a navy blue school hat (broad brimmed, bucket or legionnaire), during Terms 1 and 4 of the school year.

All children should have their own hat and it should be brought to school everyday or alternatively it can be left in classrooms.

Bucket hats can be purchased from the Office for $9.95.

The hats provided by  the EAL teachers are only for borrowing in case of emergencies or forgetfulness. Some class teachers have “spare” hats that can be leant in emergencies - however there is an expectation that all children will have their own school hat.

Please ensure your child has the correct school hat as soon as possible.


Mr Mackay dives into 4N

You might be forgiven for wondering why Mr Mackay was dressed in scuba gear last week - but it was all in the name of education. He had been invited by 4N to share his experiences and knowledge about scuba diving. Below is what was written  by Athsayan, Bilal and Hrishoth from 4N:

How lucky are we to have an adventurous principal?! Mr Mackay came to our classroom on Monday to teach us about the components of SCUBA diving.

We were all sitting down waiting for a surprise, when Mr Mackay dived into 4N, all decked out in SCUBA gear. He wore a wet suit that covered all of his body except his cheerful face, and proceeded to explain how all the essential equipment worked. We barely knew what a weight belt was until he showed us. You might just think it’s a bunch of stones tied to a string but really, it helps the divers to stay underwater. People were astonished at how hefty it was, we all had to use our bulging muscles to hold it up.

Next, Mr Mackay presented maps and videos to us about his diving experiences in catching crayfish and abalones. There was one time when Mr Mackay had to swim backwards in a tight space between rocks to catch a couple of crayfish. Suddenly, a wave washed over him and knocked his air tank from a ledge, which snatched the regulator out of his mouth. Being the quick thinker that Mr Mackay is, he cooked up a new plan in a split second and escaped unharmed.
We all really enjoyed learning about Mr Mackay’s recreational diving experiences. Maybe one day we can go scuba diving and have the opportunity to witness what nature has in store for us too.

SRC News - Recess Disco

Wednesday 31st October is the day of the annual D.N.P.S. Disco Fundraiser! To participate, please bring a gold coin donation and come dressed in your funkiest disco clothes, think of your brightest best dancing outfit! Your donation will give you entry to the disco held in the hall at Recess. Dress up and donate for some disco dancing fun!

Weekly Awards

Prep H - Chloe

1O - Ekjot

2G - Angel

3LF - Ave

Prep A - Sajid

1W - Keertan

2S - Annanya

3B - Hashir

Prep JM - Baneet

1M - Faramarz

2JH - Mary

ICT - Nandini (3LF)

Prep N - Hassan

1L - All of 1L

2H - Awais

ICT - Ajla (3B)

Prep O - Dhatsin

1NW - Shadien

3H - Mobina


1F - Gurnoor

2C - Naseer

3F - Yousuf



2019 Enrolment

We are currently in the process of organising grades and teaching staff for next year and it is very important for us to know our enrolment numbers for 2019. If you know that your child will not be attending Dandenong North next year, could you please fill out the slip below and either return it to your child’s classroom teacher or to the office staff as soon as possible.

We thank you for your assistance with this   matter.

2019 Prep Enrolment and Transition Days

With a continued pattern of increasing student enrolments, we are keen to ensure that all our current families have students enrolled for 2019 in order to assist with planning and to keep all class sizes as small as possible.

We are aiming to keep our Prep classes to below twenty, in order to give children the best possible start to their education. Therefore it is  highly important for us to have an idea as to how many students may be enrolling at our school for next year.

If you know of a neighbour or a relative who has a child that turns five before the 30th April 2019, please ask them to come to the office to complete an enrolment form.

Parents are asked to bring a Birth certificate or Visa into the school for proof of age, along with an Immunisation History Statement from Medicare  in order to enrol their child at our school.

Early enrolment also ensures children are included in our Prep Transition Program which begins in Term Four.

The dates for this program have now been released and we ask that you mark these dates on your calendar. It is important that our 2019 Prep students attend as it sets the tone for a more comfortable start in 2019. Students will become aware of the Prep rooms and will have met the Prep teachers - easing some first day anxieties.

For all Preps enrolled for 2019, the transition program  dates are:

Wednesday 17th October 9:30 - 10:45

Wednesday 24th October 9:30 - 10:45

Wednesday 31st October 9:30 - 10:45

We look forward to meeting new DNPS families and in particular, seeing the next generation of learners to our school.


Monday 5th November  - NO SCHOOL

MELBOURNE CUP DAY - Tuesday 6th November - NO SCHOOL

School resumes, Wednesday 7th November

Final Gala Day for 2018

Last Friday 12th October, was the last Gala Sports Day for the year, which means the last opportunity for our Year 6 students to participate.

There was girls and boys cricket, mixed osh-rounders and girls and boys soccer 5’s.

It was fantastic to see our children perform so well at these events with the best performers were the girls A cricket team who came first in their competition and will now progress through to the Divisional Finals.

The boys cricket A team were unlucky not to advance to the next round, placing 2nd on the day.

Our Mixed Osh Rounders team 1 and 2 were premiers, however there is no next level for them to advance to.

Both our girls A and B soccer teams placed 2nd in the competition, however our boys were not as successful.

Thank you to all of the staff involved in this day and in particular to Mr Malone and Mr Gould for their efforts in preparing our students for these competitions.

We wish the girls cricket team all the very best at the next level of competition.




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